Dallas Water Damage Restoration

If you have flood or water in your home or business, we can help!  Here at Texas Disaster Restoration, we specialize in cleaning up & restoring water/flood damage for commercial & residential properties.  We’re available 24/7 and can be on-site anywhere in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex in 45-60 minutes, so give us a call any time.

Most water intrusion is the result of a broken supply line to an appliance such as a toilet, washing machine, water heater or dishwasher.  It can also be as simple as leaving a faucet on and forgetting about it.  It happens!  That’s why we’re here.  Our certified technicians are equipped with the latest technology in water/flood damage remediation, and we can act fast to limit the damage caused by water in your property, as well as mitigate the risk of mold growth.

If you need restoration for water damage in your home or business, we’re here for you.  Give us a call 24/7.

Water Damage Repair Services:

  • Water Mitigation
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Structural Drying
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Storm Water Damage
  • Water Removal 
  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Sewage Backup

What to Expect From Water Mitigation Specialists

Anticipate a comprehensive array of services and expertise when engaging water mitigation specialists. The Texas Disaster Restoration specialists bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, starting with a meticulous assessment of the water damage's extent and underlying causes. Armed with advanced tools and techniques, they skillfully execute water removal and thorough drying, preventing potential mold growth and structural damage.

Expect a strategic approach to cleaning and sanitization, as well as the restoration of salvaged belongings. These specialists liaise adeptly with insurance providers, easing the claims process. From prompt emergency response to the final inspection, water remediation specialists ensure a seamless journey to restore your property to its pre-damage condition, offering expertise and peace of mind every step of the way.

What Makes Texas Disaster Restoration Water Damage Clean up the Best Choice?

Since 2010, Texas Disaster Restoration has provided fast, courteous water mediation services to thousands of families and businesses around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, helping them quickly move past the tragedy. Our discreet, caring technicians are ready to remediate your situation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Expert Service

  • Discreet & Safe

  • Compassion & Competence

  • Available 24/7

  • Insurance Assistance

    Water Damage Restoration Process

    The Water Damage Restoration Process typically follows a structured series of steps to effectively mitigate the damage and restore the affected property:
    • 1stEmergency Contact

      As soon as water damage is discovered, contacting a professional restoration company is crucial. Immediate action can significantly minimize the extent of damage.
    • 2ndAssessment

      Upon arrival, our restoration team assesses the extent and severity of the water damage. This evaluation helps create a comprehensive restoration plan tailored to the specific situation
    • 3rdWater Removal

      The next step involves extracting standing water from the affected areas. High-powered pumps and vacuums are used to remove water efficiently.
    • 4thDrying & Dehumidification

      After water removal, the affected areas are thoroughly dried using specialized equipment such as dehumidifiers and industrial fans. This step prevents the growth of mold and further damage.
    • 5thCleaning & Sanitization

      Any salvageable items, including furniture and personal belongings, are carefully cleaned and sanitized. This process also includes treating the affected areas to prevent mold and bacterial growth.
    • 6thMold Prevention

      If there is a risk of mold growth, our restoration team takes necessary measures to prevent its development. This may involve applying antimicrobial treatments.
    • 7thRepairs & Restoration

      Once the property is completely dry and sanitized, our restoration team addresses any structural damage. This can involve repairing walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as replacing damaged materials.
    • 8thCoordination with Insurance

      Throughout the process, we coordinate with the property owner's insurance provider. This ensures that the necessary documentation is prepared for insurance claims.
    • 9thFinal Inspection

      Before completing the restoration, a final inspection is conducted to ensure that all damage has been properly addressed. This step guarantees that the property is safe and habitable once again.
    • 10thRestoration Completion

      Once the property is fully restored, the restoration company wraps up the process. This may involve moving furniture and belongings back into place and providing guidance on preventing future water damage.

    Flood Damage Restoration

    For top-tier flood damage restoration services in Dallas, Texas, turn to Texas Disaster Restoration. We understand the unique challenges that flooding can pose to properties and we're here to provide swift and comprehensive restoration solutions. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to efficiently mitigate flood damage, ensuring your property is restored to its pre-flood condition. We take pride in serving the community and helping residents recover from the devastating effects of flooding. Trust us for reliable and effective flood damage restoration in Dallas, Texas.

    Expert Water Extraction Services

    Are you dealing with unwanted water in your property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Texas Disaster Restoration is your go-to solution for professional water extraction services. Whether you're a homeowner or a commercial property manager, we have the expertise and equipment to efficiently remove water and mitigate water damage.

    Residential Water Extraction

    We understand the distress that accompanies water damage for homeowners. Rest assured, our seasoned team is wholly dedicated to delivering dependable water extraction services, ensuring your home is swiftly restored to a safe and dry condition.

    Commercial Water Extraction

    Commercial property managers can place their trust in us to minimize the disruptions caused by water damage. We work with utmost efficiency to extract water from your premises, enabling you to resume business operations promptly. 

    Service Areas for WAter Removal

    Texas Disaster Restoration serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We are a family-owned business that will arrive at the cleanup site, ready to go within an hour of your call. We’re available 24/7 with live operators to assist you anytime you need it. To learn more about the individual municipalities of the Metroplex we serve, we invite you to explore the pages linked below.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage

    1What causes water damage?
    Water damage can result from various sources, including burst pipes, water from fire hoses, leaks, floods, sewage backups, appliance malfunctions, and storms.
    2How quickly should water damage be addressed?
    Immediate action is crucial to prevent further damage and mold growth. Water damage restoration should commence as soon as possible after the incident.
    3Can I handle water removal on my own?
    For minor incidents, you might be able to remove water yourself. However, professional equipment and expertise are often necessary to ensure thorough removal and proper drying.
    4How do professionals assess the extent of water damage?
    At Texas Disaster Restoration, we use moisture meters and thermal imaging to assess the extent of water damage. These tools help identify hidden pockets of moisture within structures.
    5What is the role of dehumidifiers in the restoration process?
    Dehumidifiers play a vital role in removing excess moisture from the air and affected surfaces, preventing mold growth and further damage.
    6Does water damage always lead to mold growth?
    While not all water damage leads to mold growth, prolonged exposure to moisture significantly increases the risk. Proper and prompt drying is key to preventing mold development.
    7How long does the restoration process typically take?
    The duration varies depending on the extent of the damage. Smaller incidents may take a few days, while more severe cases could take several weeks.
    8Does homeowner insurance cover water damage?
    Most standard homeowner's insurance policies cover water damage restoration if the cause is sudden and accidental. It's advisable to review your policy and discuss coverage with your insurance provider.
    9Can I stay in my home during the restoration process?
    In mild cases, you might be able to remain in your home. However, in extensive cases where structural integrity is compromised or mold growth is severe, temporary relocation might be necessary.
    10What should I do if I discover water damage in my home?
    Contact a professional restoration company immediately. We can assess the situation, provide guidance, and start the restoration process promptly.