We Work With General Contractors

TDR Commercial Roofing can help general construction contractors install roofs on new building projects, commercial and residential, throughout Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. A range of options is available, including single-ply systems, standing seam metal systems, slate systems, and tile composition systems. Additional items available include coating solutions, built-up roofing, and modified bitumen membranes. Best of all, we work right alongside general contractors throughout the project’s duration so there’s no confusion or miscommunications.

Residential Developments

We can install sturdy roofs on new subdivisions or apartment buildings.


Whether it’s a factory, office complex, or retail location, our team will ensure the roof is ready to last a long time.


We are familiar with the specialized roofs on industrial buildings and can handle any installation project.

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TDR Commercial Roofing is a licensed, certified, and insured new roof builder in Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. If your new commercial construction project needs the hand of an experienced roofer, please give us a call to schedule an appointment. We make sure to pay close attention to detail for the very best results every time. It is our goal to be the only roofer you ever think to call.

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