Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections are vital to ensuring that your roof stands the test of time. An inspection of your roof can spot any potential issues with any part of it before they become larger and more costly to repair. While we recommend having your roof inspected at least annually, people also like to call for roofing inspections when they think there may be an issue. It’s also a good idea, and many times required, to have a roof inspection performed when looking to purchase a new home.

When you need to have your roof inspected, turn to the pros at Texas Disaster Restoration. Our team has all the right credentials and ample experience when it comes to roof inspections. If all goes well, we’ll be able to give your roof a clean bill of health and give you peace of mind until it’s time for the next inspection. If there is an issue, we can provide solutions to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

The Importance of Roof Inspections

The following are some of the more common reasons to have your roof inspected:

• Warranties - Sometimes, repairs may be covered under your roofing warranty if you have one. A qualified roofing professional like Texas Disaster Restoration can help you determine whether you should file a warranty claim.

• Aging - Just like everything else, your roof will go through the aging process. With aging comes problems. Roof inspections can spot issues while they are easier and less expensive to fix.

• Storm Damage - Following extreme weather events or temperatures, your roof may have sustained damage. An inspection lets you know what was broken and what, if any, repairs need to be made.

• Leak Assessment - If you already know your roof is leaking, an inspection will determine the source and remedy. If you aren’t aware of a leak, a roof inspection may help you find it before it causes damage elsewhere on your property.

• Prevention - A roof inspection may find a potential problem with another part of your property, which you can then take the proper steps to deal with. Otherwise, you may not have known there was an issue until it was too late!

• Drainage - Inspections can also check for debris on the roof that may affect its ability to drain water.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Several things can affect the state of your commercial roof, including severe weather, debris buildup, mold and other growth, and sun exposure. While some signs of roof damage are plain to see, many others may not be. Therefore, they require a professional eye to spot. We at Texas Disaster Restoration recommend having your commercial roof inspected twice a year: during the spring and during the fall. It’s also a good idea to have it checked following extreme weather events, as the report generated during one of our professional roof inspections will help simplify the insurance claims process. Following the inspection, we will issue a report that clearly spells out any suggested work and associated pricing, as well as photos and construction details.

Signs of Roof Damage

When trying to determine if your roof is damaged, keep an eye out for the following signs:

• Missing Shingles

• Damaged Shingles

• Water Damage

• Sagging Ceiling

• Ceiling Stains

• Blocked Gutters

• Loose Flashing

• Damaged Flashing

• Lost Granules

• Unusually High Energy Bills

If you even have the slightest inkling that something may be up with your roof, please call Texas Disaster Restoration to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible.