odor removal Plano

After a disaster, even a Texas house or property that appears clean can maintain a bad smell. Odors are caused by particles in the air that can become trapped just about anywhere—in the furniture, the paint, the wallpaper, the carpet, and even the walls or floorboards.  Our Texas Disaster Restoration odor eliminator team removes stubborn, pungent odors from Texas homes every year.  Dead animals, cooking, failed refrigeration, rotten meat, standing water, smoke damage, and mold can all contribute to bad odors, so it is important to locate the source of a bad smell in an Texas property, inspect the site for toxins, mold, and bacteria, and to clean the site thoroughly.

If your Texas home or property emits an odor, our Texas odor removal team can use specialized tools to locate and identify the cause of the odor, and then take the necessary steps to deodorize and clean your Texas property. Our Texas odor removal team is highly experienced in locating and removing odors resulting from mold, filth, crime scene debris, blood spills, decomposing rodents or small animals, wood rot, rotten food, and bacteria.

Our odor removal team’s thermal fogging system emits a highly visible fog that is generated by heat and moisture. When this fog is combined with a deodorizer and a fresh scent, it can get into every inch of an Texas home, including into the small fibers of carpets and sofas. The thick, highly visible fog also allows our odor removal team to see exactly where the fog goes, so no area is left untreated. This process removes smells and the bacteria that causes odor, and leaves your Texas property with an incredibly clean smell.

Our Texas odor removal team is also certified to use a high level of ozone gas to disinfect and deodorize the air. Ozone gas levels that are this high are unsafe for human exposure during the process, and thus can only be applied by trained and fully-protected individuals.  The ozone gas deodorizing gas particles are so small and yet so numerous that they can get into any crack, nook, corner, and material, deodorizing even the most hidden or hard-to-reach spots. Our Texas odor removal team’s high-level ozone gas attack on odors is the most aggressive approach that can be taken today, and can remove even the toughest of odors.

Our Texas odor removal team’s ozone gas process is conducted according to EPA and OSHA standards.

If an odor is affecting your Texas property, at best it can be annoying. However, unsettling, strong, or persisting odors may be a sign of a more serious problem. Give our Texas odor removal team a call today to take the next step in cleaning and decontaminating your Texas property by locating, identifying, and removing odor-causing material