Undiscovered Death Cleanup

While most people hope to pass on comfortably, surrounded by their friends and loved ones, this sadly does not occur for everyone. Some people pass alone in their homes, and at times, their bodies will not be discovered for some time. Texas Disaster Restoration is standing by 24/7/365 to clean up following these sorts of undiscovered deaths. We understand that this is a delicate time and always act with professionalism and compassion. We’ll use all our training and equipment to ensure the site is cleaned up as thoroughly as possible.

Please note that most home insurance policies will cover the cost of our services, as well as the replacement of items affected, salvageable or not. If you need assistance submitting a claim, we’d be more than happy to help. We’ll also be sure to provide any support documentation you need.


The moment the body stops functioning, the decomposition process begins. With the release of bodily fluids comes a biohazard, which can lead to property damage and strong odors. And in fact, it’s typically the wafting odor that alerts someone that something is wrong.

Once we arrive on the scene, we will extract all traces of bodily fluids from the furniture, carpeting, and clothing that may have come into contact with the deceased. We always try to save any items we can as well as minimize any property damage.

Flies are a sign that decomposition is advanced and that traces of the process may be found throughout the home. We will strive to fully sanitize and disinfect any area that flies may have touched. Rest assured that we’ll be in full communication with you throughout the process and share any details you may care to know.

Once everything is cleaned up, the area will be fully deodorized with the finest of equipment. Before we consider the job done, we make sure the affected area is well-ventilated and no signs of trauma remain.

Service Areas for Undiscovered Death Cleanup

Texas Disaster Restoration serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We are a family-owned business that will arrive at the cleanup site, ready to go within an hour of your call. We’re available 24/7 with live operators to assist you anytime you need it. To learn more about the individual municipalities of the Metroplex we serve, we invite you to explore the pages linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Undiscovered Death Cleanup

1Why choose Texas Disaster Restoration to clean up after an undiscovered death?
We are the experts in cleanup services after undiscovered deaths. All our employees are certified, trained, and licensed in all restoration services. They also must pass background checks and screening before employment for your peace of mind.
2Will my property insurance policy cover the cost of your services?
Property insurance policies will usually pay for the cost of cleaning services, replacement costs for destroyed items, and the cost of any items that must be discarded due to damage. However, details may differ. To be sure, consult your policy or ask your insurance company or agent for advice.
3What if my insurance company tells me to use another cleanup company?
Under the law, you have the right to utilize the cleanup company of your choice after an undiscovered death occurs. It’s extremely important to choose one with the proper credentials, skills, and experience. In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, that company is Texas Disaster Restoration.

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