Smoke Restoration

While a house fire can do an awful amount of damage, it is actually smoke that can completely devastate a home, and cleanup can be tedious. Even a small fire can cause enough smoke to ruin a carpet and furniture, to yellow the paint on your walls, and to create a terrible odor. Our Texas smoke restoration team can repair all the smoke damage to your Texas property.

What many people do not realize is that smoke damage can be even more deadly than fire damage. Synthetic materials can become toxic when burned, as the common material undergoes a variety of complex chemical reactions when exposed to extreme heat.

Furniture, flooring, carpet, and even some paints can contain these synthetic materials. In addition, soot must be removed from every surface in your Texas home, including affected contents and furniture.

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Our Texas smoke restoration team will inspect and assess the smoke damage to your Texas property, and will safely remove any unsafe structures or furniture. Our patience and attention to detail ensures that no structure is left un-inspected or uncleaned.

Unsafe structures will be reconstructed so that the Texas property is safe for future and current occupants. Our smoke restoration team will also identify any areas that would benefit from our fire restoration services and will keep your apprised of their findings.

The final step to completing smoke restoration is to remove the pungent smoke smell that can permeate porous materials such as carpet, drapes, clothing, and upholstery. The smell of smoke can penetrate almost any surface, even tile and hardwood, making it difficult to remove. Our trained technicians will work to remove odors from your Texas home, using our high-tech thermal fogging and high-level ozone gas deodorization systems, restoring your Texas property to pre-fire conditions.

As a licensed, bonded, and insured Texas contractor, Texas Disaster Restoration provides state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advanced training for all of our highly-skilled technicians. We are an IICRC Certified Firm in Fire and Smoke Restoration and we offer 24-hour emergency services with our top-notch professional, courteous, honest, and understanding staff to support our clients.